About Us

Kinzie Construction was founded in 1959 by Ray Kinzie, with the vision of crafting the finest homes, with exceptional quality. Ray and his crew of select carpenters built throughout the California central valley for over forty years. The result was a reputation for craftsmanship, as well as lasting relationships with respected clients and architects, including such well known architects as William Wurster and Joseph Esherich. Ray often had the privilege of building custom furniture to complete his clients’ homes. Beyond furniture, Ray’s love of woodcarving led him to create clocks, carved entry doors and various sculptures.

During the 1970’s, Ray was joined by his son Del, who grew up learning the art of fine craftsmanship. In the early 1980’s, Del assumed management of Kinzie Construction, carrying on the same reputation for quality. Del has been building custom homes and furniture, as well as lasting relationships with clients and architects, for over 30 years.

Del is now joined by his son Taylor, a third generation to carry on the heritage of the family trade. Today Kinzie Construction and their crew continue to uphold a high standard of excellence and are known for their passion for fine craftsmanship, with a hands on approach. Their personal involvement with each client assures the highest level of quality and satisfaction, producing a product to be enjoyed by generations to come.